The Expertship 360
Summary: High-value individual technical contributors need feedback in order to improve their performance. The Expertship360 is the world's #1 tool for helping experts understand where they are performing, and where they could perform better.
Written by Darin Fox 15 Jan 2024

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The ultimate assessment tool for SMEs

Most subject matter experts (SMEs) will tell you that they crave feedback, but it needs to be properly structured, representative of the role and responsibilities they have as SMEs, and credible.

At last, the tool every SME, manager, and organisational development professional has been looking for. The Expertship360. This 360-multi-rator assessments fills a large gap – feedback designed for a multi-faced role, that of technical expert.

The Expertship360 is the #1 assessment tool for SMEs worldwide because it is used more, works better (Experts on their Expertship360 experience), and is based on the world’s most comprehensive and documented capability framework for technical subject matter experts – The Expertship Model.

“Initially I felt uncomfortable and thought it would be a waste of time. Afterwards I rated the experience 10 out of 10.” Surveyor, Construction

Organisations find that deploying the Expertship360:

  • Helps retain super-valuable SMEs, because the feedback energises and re-engages them, and provides them with a platform for growth.

  • Helps them benchmark their experts globally.

  • Helps them see what specific development needs experts in their organisations might have.

  • Is an easy and affordable solution outsourced to our network of coaches and can easily be implemented internally with the accreditation available.

The Expertship360 is in use in 16 countries around the world and has a unique global SME benchmark. Organisations are reaping the benefits of investing in SMEs professional development (outside their technical expertise).

“I was keen to understand the perspectives of my stakeholders, as I tend only to get feedback from my direct manager.” IT specialist, Insurance

Undertake a test run of this tool today

Our team can help you started in an instant. We offer:

  • Individual briefing for the SME participating.

  • Support for the manager of the participant.

  • Assistance and advice for the talent team in choosing the right SMEs to trial this great tool.

  • Discounted, high value packages for new starters.

  • Support publications for the “what next?” following the debrief of the 360

These publications include:

The Expertship Growth Guide , a development guide specifically for SMEs.

Master Expert: The ultimate guide for subject matter experts having more influence and impact, a comprehensive manual to help SMEs achieve mastery.

Start unleashing the huge latent potential in your organisations’ technical subject matter experts today.

Contact us today or download the Briefing Deck below for more information.

Become accredited in the Expertship360. We run in-house accreditation programs enabling P&C professionals to debrief and coach Expertship360 initiatives. Contact us for information.

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